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- Newten's Porcelain Panther - Episode#002 - Pete Fowler


For the second episode of Newten’s Porcelain Panther we were fortunate enough to grab the esteemed Pete Fowler for a pint in the pub and a few tins of Red Stripe back at podcast HQ. Both Jim and Ben spent their teenage years perusing the Super Furry Animals’ artwork with awe so it was a great honour to spend some quality time with Señor Fowler who masterminded these visual delights. Pete’s work is so connected to music that we were excited to see what audio morsels he would present us… we weren’t disappointed.

Pete Fowler dips into commercial projects but stretches into many personal projects ranging from toys to paintings to apps and strangely enough, bikes! All of which falls under his Monsterist umbrella.

The following conversation took place on a dark, mild night in early October.


The podcast is free to download from our soundcloud page


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